Houston Property Management Services

At Propertycare, our property management services extend far beyond simply collecting rent. We love providing our owners with exceptional service and a comprehensive plan for maximizing their investment using our decades of experience!

Our caring, responsive services provide you the opportunity to step back, relax, and let us take care of the day-to-day work! Unwind and let our full-service property management agency take care of everything from tenant relations to rent collection, maintenance issues, complaints, hassles, and headaches, all so that you do not have to! Best of all, we offer our services at an exceptional value.

Owners across the United States have come to rely on us to take care of their Houston property management needs because we are experts at what we do! We keep the cost low and the returns high without sacrificing tenant or owner experience.

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Our full-service property management services include:

  • Inspections: We perform inspections before, during, and after a tenancy. We have specific systems and processes to ensure that we thoroughly review the property from top to bottom.
  • Property Marketing: We list properties on several marketing websites, including MLS and scheduled showings, to ensure maximum rental market exposure. Our methods help us lease your property quickly to a quality tenant!
  • Screening Applicants: We conduct comprehensive screening on all applicants to ensure we choose the highest quality tenants who will respect your property. We evaluate credit, income, employment, residential, and criminal history.
  • Lease Signing: We utilize leases drafted by qualified attorneys to ensure that your exposure is limited and your asset is protected.
  • Rent Collections: Tenants can pay via five different convenient payment options. We also provide lease enforcement when the matter arises. Owners have access to a detailed ledger associated with their property.
  • Maintenance Coordination: We call on our long list of expert technicians and contractors to coordinate repairs to your property most efficiently and cost-effectively. We take advantage of unbeatable volume pricing from our trusted vendors to keep your costs low!
  • Tenant Services: When tenants have inquiries and concerns, we are here for them, so they do not have to bother you.
  • Eviction Services: Though evictions are rare, they are time-consuming when they happen. We take care of serving processes and attend court on your behalf.
  • Annual Lease Renewals: to increase occupancy, we renew all leases 45 days in advance of expiration.
  • Accounting: We utilize a fully computerized trust accounting and provide timely, accurate reports to you via our Owner's Portal or mail.
  • Direct Deposit: We offer the convenience of a direct deposit into your account by the 10th of every month.
  • Professional Advice and Counsel: We are experts in property management and passionate about what we do. We willingly provide our owners with solid advice when it comes to leasing and property management.

Benefits of property management:

An investment property such as a single-family rental home is one of the most reliable ways to build wealth. However, the responsibilities that accompany being a landlord can be enough to drive you crazy and may even mitigate your investment value.

Propertycare takes care of the day-to-day landlord responsibilities on behalf of our owners, allowing them to realize the real value of their investment. Some of the benefits of working with Propertycare include:

  • Lower Stress Levels: With Propertycare looking after the day-to-day aspects of your property, you do not need to worry about the middle of the night phone calls, repairs, lack of tenants, damages, or legal issues.
  • Time Management: Day-to-day responsibilities can add up quickly in terms of time, robbing you of precious moments to spend with your loved ones, focus on work, or simply enjoy life. We handle everything, so you have more time.
  • Quality Maintenance: Every rental property needs maintenance, and this is where many owners struggle. We hear horror stories about shoddy services or failed attempts to DIY that made the problem worse. Propertycare takes care of maintenance with its long list of reputable technicians and contractors. They are standing by to provide prompt, quality maintenance or repairs.
  • Highest-Quality Tenants: We operate in full compliance with the Fair Housing Act and employ the highest discretion levels when screening tenants. We also have innovative methods to find tenants quickly so that your investment is continuously making money.

If you are looking for help with your investment property, look no further than Propertycare. We know the Houston property management's ins and outs and offer innovative solutions to meet your specific needs. We know real estate, we know the law, and we know the Houston market? We are ready to put our expertise to work for you!

Contact us now and let us become your reliable partners in real estate property management!

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