Nothing makes us happier than seeing our clients fully realize their real estate goals.

“I had a good experience with Propiritycare, they were organized, punctual, fast and efficient, very good work.”

“Almost 3 years into dealing with Property Care, I have to remove my 5 star rating (which was paid for with an Amazon Gift Card btw) and say that they are just as cheat as most rental agencies. We have the same issues in our rental this year that we did a year ago because all they did was gloss over the real problem. Our tub is still broken, cracked, and leaking. It was suppose to be fixed the first time we requested a repair and had to leave our home and get a hotel with our own money to have it "fixed". Fast forward, all the paint has shed away and it is even worse than what it was before. The attic is filled with dirt that used to be insulation, leading us to extremely high heat bills in the summer. Our A/C unit is outdated and all they do is "flush the lines" when we ask for it to be inspected. Do what you can to stay away and do not trust all the 5 star reviews. Renters are not being taken care of and yet as of this year most people, just like us, are paying over half our wadges on the costs of living in such dilapidated places. Disgusting.”

“Propertycare has been very quick with any service requests that we submit. They communicate via text once the request has been submitted to the service provider so that we know when to anticipate hearing from the technician directly. Very convenient!”

“When I first moved in I felt like property care valued their renters now I feel the complete opposite. I’ve been telling them about a leaking ceiling since I signed a new lease in June (It is now the ending of December). They still not fixed this issue. After I signed a new lease they complete stopped caring about any issues. Maintenance for property care is absolutely terrible, if you have an issue you might as well figure out how to fix it yourself and never rely on their delayed and inconsiderate tendencies.”

“I had the pleasure of working with Propertycare on a rental as the tenant's agent, and I am delighted to share my positive experience. From the initial stages to the final delivery, the cooperation and collaboration provided was consistent and of the highest quality. Needless to say, I look forward to the possibility of working with Propertycare Management again.”

“Jerry and the crew at Property Care are very easy to work with and had great communication throughout. The process getting my client approved and settled into their new place was a breeze.”

“Very easy to work with. The application and move-in process are very straight forward and easy to follow.”

“Great communications with the management staff. Fast response and great customer care. Thank you for assisting with my client.”

“Very fast service when I have a problem in my condo. Thanks a million”

“Unfortunately, Property Care has failed us again. Not only is the property in poor condition but the Customer Service is poor and the Maintenance is poor. Jessica is who we have to deal with directly and here attitude and customer service is poor. I would highly recommend spending your money elsewhere! We submitted a maintenance request on 10/30 and we have not had our maintenance issue resolved yet. Calling Jessica has resulted in poor customer service and an attitude when we are dealing with a floor in the dining room that is literally crumbling under our feet. No, Thanksgiving Dinner at our house and looks like Christmas dinner is not gonna go well either. DO NOT SPEND YOUR $$ WITH PROERTY CARE! BAD ATTITUDE, POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE PROPERTY IS IN POOR CONDITION!”