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“I knew I didn’t want to self manage my rental property, but hearing horror stories about property management companies scared me too! I am so glad a friend referred me to Propertycare. Jerry and Jessica take care of everything and make the process easy. Look no further, I highly recommend Propertycare.”

“I don't have enough words to compliment the people from this company. Jessica and Jerry have been managing my property from leasing to selling. They handled my tough tenant situation perfectly. I had a trouble tenant that I brought in from other screening company and they ended up giving me a hard time. Property Care took over and dealt with them. They kicked them out quickly. Their repair and maintenance fees are extremely reasonable if not cheap. They saved me a lot of money. I highly recommend you to use Property Care for your piece of mind.”

“TL;DR: Propertycare offers competitive fees and responsive service, but their accounting department is a significant weakness. Close monitoring of your account and direct communication with the company owner may be necessary. Pros: - Affordable management fees. - The property manager addresses tenant concerns promptly and seems to find competitive prices for repairs. - The contractors they use do decent work at fair prices. - Monthly statements and yearly tax forms are detailed. Cons: Accounting nightmares - When I first signed contract with them, I provided my bank information for them to send me rent. They somehow failed to input that information into their system and didn't send me any rent in the first month, without notifying me what was wrong. I had to give them my bank info again. - It took them 9 months to refund the overcharged management fee. Multiple phone calls and emails with their employee did nothing until I messaged the company owner, Jerry. Even then, accounting still managed to mess up by deducting the fee from my own funds and sending it back to me instead of adding back the fee to my funds first. It wasn't for another 2 months that I received my money back. - They failed to send me rent yet another time. Similar to above, multiple phone calls and emails did nothing until I messaged the owner. - When I sold my first rental property through them, it took them 5 months to send me back my remaining funds. I understand that they needed time to finalize all remaining utility bills, but 5 months is just too much. I think accounting simply forgot to refund people's money. - Similarly after I sold my second rental through them, it took them almost 3 months to send me my remaining funds. Usually they would post the funds to be sent on their online portal a couple days before distribution (10th of each month). I didn't see the funds being posted until I messaged the owner on the 9th, otherwise accounting would have forgotten about it too.”

“One star is just because there is a lack of no stars review. This property management company is the worst management company that I have ever worked with and I am ready to submit it to the BBB complaint system as well. They are lacking the basic integrity in the management role from taking care of my tenants to taking care of my investment and that is all under the veil of pretense of the best service until you dig deeper under the surface. Propertycare is NOT what they do. Any repairs that needed to be done were run by the same crew that is ripping you off charging almost double what I can find on the market for any repairs (this is verified). They would do repairs of the same kind almost every month, so I became suspicious and wondered if anything has being repaired at all.When called upon their wrongdoing they were defensive and insulting. There has never been a contact person to talk to who knows what is going on. I guess nobody wanted to take responsibility, but they assured me they have a licensed broker who's vouching for their (wrong)doing. Mostly nothing was done, so I had to take care of maintaining my property by myself while having these unprofessionals for my management team. I fell ashamed that I put my tenants and investment in their hands ever. The last straw was that just before our contract termination (reading:we were still under the contract) -tenants in one unit were complaining that the water heater broke and management refused to do anything by saying that unit needed the new water heater because their "experienced" crew told them so long time ago. They said that I need $1,500 for the replacement of the water heater without sending anyone to verify. I called my plumber and everything was done in a few hours for $300 and as I thought there was no need for the new water heater at all. I put this story in here because it clearly illustrates the quality of this company. Good luck if you go with them. I will make sure to spread the truth about my experience with them.”

“Website is easy to use to report for repairs. Easy to work with.”

“Excellent property management group. As a renter, I trust them and they are quick to resolve anything that needs fixing whether it’s maintenance or answering our questions. Grateful for such a good maintenance team.”

“I have rented with PropertyCare for about 6 years and they are great. Every maintenance request has been taken care of quickly and professionally.”

“Best property management company I’ve ever used!Very friendly and maintenance request are always Handled lightning fast!Very satisfied overall.”

“I had a good experience with Propiritycare, they were organized, punctual, fast and efficient, very good work.”