About Us

Our focus is on building relationships to create value for you ? whether you rent one of the properties we manage or trust us to make the most of your investment. Propertycare is the leading full-service property management agency in the Houston area. We proudly provide the owners and tenants we serve with the highest levels of service.

Propertycare understands that property is more than just an investment, a home, or business. Property is where lives are lived, relationships are built, and futures are secured. This is why our focus is on building relationships, not coldly managing portfolios. We start by getting to know you ? you do the talking, we listen. After listening, we provide unique professional solutions to help you meet your challenges and take advantage of the incredible opportunities available in the Houston area.

When Propertycare is on your side, you not only have a competent agency to manage every detail of your investment, but you have a group of professionals that thinks and acts like a fully vested partner.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the most sought after property management agency in the Houston area. Propertycare focuses first on building relationships with owners to understand their needs, expectations, and goals for their investment.

Then we focus on exceeding expectations by maximizing profitability through savvy management practices. We know what to do to maximize rent, turn units around quickly, reduce expenses, and maintain the value of properties through conscientious maintenance.

Who We Serve

Our property management agency focuses on single-family homes owned by private investors. Most owners we serve own a small portfolio of quality homes throughout the Houston area. We also manage other types of properties including condos, lofts, townhomes, duplexes, and four-plexes.

We handle traditional landlord responsibilities including:

  • Finding quality tenants
  • Managing move-in/move-out
  • Providing property maintenance
  • Managing rent
  • Responding to issues as they arise.
  • We also provide custom solutions that extend beyond traditional property management.

Propertycare also has a knack for finding the most responsible, stable tenants. Once in your home, we maximize the value of the relationship by treating them with respect and dignity. You can trust us to manage your investment as if it were our own.